Encarnacions 1&2

Encarnacions 1: To truly understand what Pinedo and her family went through with the murders and the discrimination that she went through it really translate into her cook book, because of the way it’s so different from the cook books that we use today. It’s straight to the point and unlike today’s cookbooks there are no pictures and there’s about 4 recipes per page with no measurements or any specific brand of ingredient. That’s what makes it so personal because her recipe books is like what a family member would pass onto their children because they know that a family recipe doesn’t need measurements and specific ingredients it’s all by experience and just knowing.

Encarnacions 2: To know what she and her family went through it translates directly into her cookbook especially because of the she created it for her sisters children could keep a direct link to their culture that’s what makes it so much more personal and the fact it’s the complete different look and style of today’s cookbooks because what I said in 1 there’s no pictures or measurements because she made it for her nieces and nephews it’s like a cookbook that’s being shared throughout the different family generations. Another thing she does to spite the anglos that tormented her family for years is by staying true to her specific culture and using authentic spices and ingredients that she personally knows and has cooked with for years.

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