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Before reading the excerpt from Intro to Food Studies, I had a general idea of what food studies entailed as a field. I’ve been fascinated by food history, food science, nutrition, and cooking since I was in middle school, and a good two-thirds of my personal book collection falls squarely into those categories. Getting more into Sociology and Anthropology as fields have further allowed me to explore topics like systems of production, consumption, and distribution of food; food justice advocacy work; and permaculture training. A lot of what Miller and Deutsch wrote of in this excerpt really excited me. It gave great examples of how Food Studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field, and how it can draw on a huge body of related disciplines and skill sets, modes of thought, and methods of research. I particularly found the four excerpts from papers interesting, as they were all clearly related to food, but came at the topic from very different angles and with very different aims. Honestly, I’ll probably go and look up some of the papers after this!

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