Mintz 2&3/ national and cuisine

Mintz 2&3: When people think about cuisine they jump to French and what the french eat like bread for example but when someone says what’s American cuisine people say stereotypical foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, and apple pie but just like what Mintz wrote about. Having a “national cuisine” in it of itself is a contradiction because a country can have a regional cuisine but a national cuisine just doesn’t make sense. Because America is such a large country it makes sense why it doesn’t have a cuisine like France does because the country itself is made of immigrants from Europe, Asia, and other countries each region has it’s own style of food like southern food and Pennsylvanian Dutch style. That’s what makes up America’s lack of a cuisine it’s the different styles of food immigrants from long ago brought over with them and has taught their children how to make them and then down the entire bloodline which then emerged to have the current regions foods we have today.

Restaurant newspaper ads: The concept of what a “restaurant” is a modern term because it wasn’t really a thing people did back then until the 1850s when they slowly started popping up and what the french did by wearing black and white tuxedos and having lavish meals out translated into what we now know is fine dining in today’s terms. The idea of advertising a restaurant back then wasn’t a thing they did, even when restaurants were advertised it was also grouped into any crime that was committed in said restaurant. Delmonico’s was first mentioned in the New York Times when they reported a robbery that occurred in it which was caused by an employee that was working there. The second time it was mentioned was because the Swiss Benevolent society met on Saturday night to select new officers.

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