Black Food Geographies

I found the book very interesting and insightful about how self-reliance is a foundation for community and personal experiences and livelihoods. Reese kept going back to the theme of self-reliance and connected every topic and chapter to it. The author quickly establishes the methods in which they were implemented to create the book. It surprised me at how the book was centered around grocery stores and lack of access, whereas I thought it was going to be about food consumption and traditions. The author hones in on the fact that community is the backbone and solution to the lack of access to stores and fresh produce. There is mention of local businesses and community stores, however, that is not enough to serve the entire community properly and efficiently. The main focus of the book is on the lack of access to food and resources. Many community members need to travel elsewhere to get the products and produce that they need to stay healthy. The author discusses the physical and socioeconomic disparities within the community in contrast to the rest of DC as a whole.

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