Blog Post 1- Food Studies

This reading summarizes the basic knowledge of what food studies are and how diverse it can be , while also informing us about the rise of food research. It is important what food studies exactly are since they can be commonly mistaken by other distinct fields related to food like culinary arts . Food studies is the study of the relationship between food and human experience , that can be studied at a more diverse level due to its variety of forms and experiences . It can go from a range of cultural to media experiences , for example food commercials in TVs . The watcher goes through an experience with the way food is being communicated to them , in this case in through a commercial showing in the tv . Not only has the way food is being communicated has been studied but there are many more topics that have been studied and written about, such as food being symbols for personal and group identity . Food can play very important roles in human experiences so by having a rise of food research it can help us discover the value and variety of food studies

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