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In Mintz two, the reading argues the difference between Grande cuisine and Haute Cuisine. Mintz argues that Grande cuisine is food that connects people and links people’s feelings into food while haute cuisine is about the shifts in attitude about food and involves ingredients, consumers, and cooks free from region or ritual. Meanwhile, in Minz three, Mintz states that the United States of America does not have a cuisine, most believe there is cuisine since most Americans are sociologically alike and eat food that is associated with society’s expectations. This food that is commonly known in the states is not considered a cuisine due to the food in America being more commercialized than natural localized taste. This further supports Mintz’s argument of American cuisine not existing, since Americans do not care where their food comes from then in total Americans lack cuisine, and that lack is causing the creation of ever having cuisine. In reading three , Ray talks about restaurants in American newspapers from its first appearance around 1830 up to the present, so as to reach some conclusions on claims about American cuisine and creates a counterargument to Mintz reading about American cuisine not existing . Ray Arguments that there is a American cuisine that comes from the American imagination.

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