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In Mintz #2 it talks about how there is a difference between liking food and knowing food, it could cause a difference in how we see and perceive food. They go on to say that “cuisine” is means kitchen plus some other things, without a cuisine it’s difficult for someone to identify with certain types of food. One of the cooks says that he believes that cuisines is based on regional and local ingredients. In Mintz #3 it goes on to tell us about a students sharing his thoughts on what he believes American cuisine is, if there is any, he made a point on how he believes there is no American cuisine because of how diverse and there is no grasp of how there is food that is specifically tied down to being American. Due to the amount of people coming to America from different country’s that brought tons of different perspectives of food into the mix. There is a lot of mixtures of cultures in America that everything has a foundation from other culture/country which takes into account that there is no base that American food is solely just American.

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