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In the Mintz 2 reading, the term “cuisine” is discussed often in relation to different types of foods. Cuisine could mean different things to different people, but it is discussed in terms of food culture as well as how food is socially constructed. Mintz argues that one can tell one’s social class based on what they eat such as ingredients they use to cook, or food they eat when going out for a meal. With different types of food affecting a person’s status in society as well as their culture, different attitudes toward food can be decided as well. Overall, Mintz decides what cuisine really is and isn’t, and how that affects people and their attitudes toward food.

In Mintz 3, cuisine is discussed once again in terms of actually having one and being secure within one’s own cuisine. Societal standards prove that having a cuisine is important and makes people unique in their own ways, and defines them. Due to people’s social upbringing, food can affect us and make us feel differently about culture and cuisine. It is important to learn and understand other’s cultures and cuisines through their food, as well as accepting different ways of how food is appreciated.

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