Blog Post January 22, 2022

Tyler Carnohan Introduction to Food Studies Blog Post. January 21st 2022. After reading through the assigned reading for this week, I was surprised to learn just how many different methods and disciplines make up the Food Studies branch of learning such as the Gastronomica being a source of both scholarly and non-scholarly articles. In reading the four small sections that described different methods of investigation that comprises the discipline most notably the interviews done with the four adult Mexicans who were asked to speak about their experiences with school cafeteria programs in their youth. This particular section struck a cord with me, because a lot of the discussion brought up about the society norms and practices that develops during our school cafeteria days is one I could relate with. The problems and conflicts that they experienced during their times within the American School Lunch program was one that either I experienced first hand such as the social anxiety of choosing where to sit and with whom of which I experienced myself as well as how our own dietary choices are shaped by these formative years was quite enlightening to read. I can factually say that much of my own food choices and tastes were effected as a result of my time within the public school system of which I would say was a mostly negative experience. In my opinion the quality both visually and taste wise of the food that was served during my in the K-12 public school system were detrimental to the formation of my own tastes. Many of the dishes served such as chicken parm, calzones, and other similar cheese based meals were wither ruined for me because of their low quality in regards to their looks and taste.

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