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The reading discusses the topic of cuisine, its role in society and culture, and the idea of an American cuisine. Mintz discuses the topic of haute cuisine which is described as the idea of cuisine as a sort of social construct. Haute cuisine is at its core based on class and society it involves borrowing food and different dishes from elsewhere. its a collection of regions. Mintz also discuses the question of whether or not there is such a thing as American cuisine. Mintz suggest that there is no such thing as an American cuisine. This is many US citizens have such vastly different diets and relationships with food. Many people’s diets are reliant on their culture, they way they grew up, or the beliefs they hold.Its also important to take into account the amount of processed and “unhealthy” food that is consumed in the U.S. among its citizens. Mintz states that many Americans dont care or pay much mind to what they eat and how i came to be on their plate whether it was made from scratch or came from a pre made package.

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