Chicken: The Dangerous Transformation of Americas Favorite Food dives into and tries to deal with a number of different issues. Originally I thought the process was much more cut and dry going from the town butcher to the table and then from big industrial farms to the table. But I was wrong. There is so much more to it. The author dives into why we eat so much chicken and when we as a peoples started to really eat chicken in abundance. After WWII small farmers stopped having as much control over the chicken industry and the process moved more industrial where the immigrant workers were abused and over worked, the chickens were locked up in cages by the thousands. This had a lot to do with the expansion of company Tyson. The end of the book goes into solutions as to how to make this crisis better. How better to teat the employees and the chickens. The organization: Bay Friendly Chicken also wanted to have higher pay for its employees and higher safety standards for the workers. I think when he mentions that people would be willing to pay more for better quality chicken he’s right. Personally I would pay more for chicken if I know its coming from a good place.

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