Part 1 of the book goes into great detail on the startup of chicken boom in the United States. This was mostly due to post-war need and chicken went from the last thought to being an affordable source of good protein. Chicken only saw even more progress and production over the years that it’s turned farming into basically an assembly line of chicken production, and this is the problem we face today. With the boom in chicken production, there was also a boom in migration. With different industries needing workers to keep up with production, they offered work to many individuals. In part 2 the book talks about migrant workers and their migration and work stories, including the author. Many of these individuals trek from south and central America, and the most notable migration was in the 90’s which increased Hispanic population by pretty much 60%. Though this sounds good many of these migrants come over undocumented and their treatment is horrible in part to that. These individuals don’t have a voice for them and due to this you get slave like work condition where these workers can’t leave or else they’re out of work. Thankfully in recent time as a society there’s been a push to make chicken production more ethical and safe, but there’s plenty of work to do in regards to this.

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