Eating Tomorrow

In Wise’s “Eating Tomorrow” we learn in depth about how we get fed so easily. The world’s population is so vast that you would think that machines and robots keep it running, but I was definitely surprised. Wise talks in great detail about small scale farmers in Mexico and Africa. With major food businesses basically running a monopoly with the world’s foods, they rob these countries of their resources while working millions of small scale farmers like dogs. They’re the ones who feed us day-to-day, and that’s what was eye opening to me. I knew about small farmers in under developed countries, but I wasn’t fully aware of the numbers. Plus, they’re doing it with not the best tools and resources, but what the advantage they have is the knowledge to grow all these foods. GMO’s are in just about every single food item in the USA, it was satisfying to read on the practices and methods these farmers use to grow food the clean and natural way, it for sure gave me some more knowledge on food-ways and the future of food just like every week has this semester.

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