Eating Tomorrow

In the book Eating Tomorrow, writer Timothy Wise explores the methods that small farmers around the world use to push back against the existential threats that global agri-business corporations and climate change pose to their livelihoods. In the introduction, Wise says that his motivation for writing this book is to promote affordable farming strategies that he feels are being overlooked in favor of business-centric solutions. Through the course of the book he also analyzes ways in which Monsanto and other major companies control agriculture around the world, maximizing profit at the expense of small farmers.

Malawi is one country that rejected global help and subsidized their own farmers – the initial success of this initiative helped prove that this can be a viable option. However, climate change and other factors would later cause the gains made during the “Malawi Miracle” to fade away. Later in Eating Tomorrow Wise goes into the battles that Mexican corn farmers have had with Monsanto, mostly over genetically modified corn. The concern was that diverse maize crops would be genetically undermined by the cross-pollination that could occur between it and Monsanto’s GM maize. There is also hesitation among many due to questions about how healthy it is for a human to center so much of their diet around genetically modified food.

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