Eating Tomorrow

Eating Tomorrow, written by Timothy Wise talks about farmers all over the world, specifically Malawi. The farms were discussing here are farms that have been in natural disasters and have experienced many hardships. These farmers have also had to fight back against outside forces such as climate change and the global agri-business. Wise focuses on how climate change has changed farming and made it more difficult for small farmers around the world. Big agro-business continues to push down on these farms and try to get them to buy there GMO seeds.

In Mexico the government was on the side of the big business therefore the big agro-business could threaten and try and force the small maize diversity farming in Mexico. The GM crops that the small farmers were being sold were controversial, they had to be planted in certain places or they wouldn’t grow. Around the world in kitchens cooks are not fans of cooking with GM’s because of how bad they are. These big agro-businesses aren’t looking to better the world and quality of food, they’re only worried about the money.

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