Eating Tomorrow

I am really glad this reading gave me more insight into kind of what we had touched on before when we watched that video about GMOs. Obviously, from the pro-GMO lady, there’s only good things but just the way she talks about it makes you kind of doubt yourself and like think oh, maybe GMOs are totally fine. For example, showing all the types of fruit that we eat that are already genetically modified made me feel kind of dumb because I didn’t know that we’re already eating that. then showing how GM crops we’re resilient to harsh weather, it’s like wow farmers don’t lose as much crop. However, Eating Tomorrow shows that GMOs aren’t positive everywhere. GMO crops ensure dependance on agribusiness to buy seeds year after year because they can’t save the seeds. We see this in Malawi. In Malawi, the government has programs that encourage the use of GM crops. The farmers need to buy fertilizer as well which completely messes up the soil and gets rid of the bio diversity. Interestingly enough, AGRA didn’t fund irrigation systems and stuff so farmers are still struggling. In Mexico, GM threatens natural varieties in the area and imposes a threat to farmers there as well. Agribusiness steps in and really damages local farmers income and basically takes over by pushing them to use fertilizer and GM crops.

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