Eating Tomorrow

In Eating Tomorrow by Timothy Wise the issue of sustainable methods of farming and use of Genetically Modified Organisms comes to the forefront. Farmers in Malawi have been able to successfully utilize non GMO seeds to produce healthy crop for years. Meanwhile the rest of the world is pushed to use GMO seeds by big business. While big business does its thing and pushes its product onto the world farmers do their thing and do everything humanly possible to stick to their ways. The practices of the farmers have been proven to be more effective and better for the environment, given that they utilize crop rotation, a process in which different crops are planted different seasons in order to let the soil replenish vital nutrients. Big business refused to cooperate with the farmers of Malawi despite the vast knowledge of agriculture the farmers had. New programs for farm subsidy input further pushed the Malawian farmers to use GMO seeds by providing financial support to farmers who adopted the new methods, but failed to assist with attaining irrigation equipment.

Malawi suffered immense flooding and drought within a fairly short amount of time and with this the government took action by implementing subsidy programs for the farmers to help push food growth. Malawi saw a boom in food production by practicing seed saving, crop rotation, and using natural fertilizers. Cross pollenated seeds were also utilized to speed up food production, which worked for the first year but saw a dramatic drop off the next, forcing farmers to buy more. The farmers that solely utilized intercropping, not the hybrid seeds, saw better results. In Mexico farmers have the issue of being pushed into using GMO corn crops and fighting against this as the introduction of this corn will taint their natural corn.

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