Eating Tomorrow: Global Market struggles and Seeds

Timothy A Wise puts in perspective the future with ‘Eating Tomorrow’ predicting the future methods and struggles that will arrive in the world of food justice within due time. Wise is concerned about the prominence of small farms and the use of GMOs, focusing on the ways Farmers in Malawi have combated the implementation of GMOs in their agriculture market. Wise also critics the big agribusiness model of pushing these GMO seeds onto the world. juxtaposing the Malawi monoculture focus on Maize, and Monsanto with the way the food system runs across the global market, specifically what we see in Mexico is important to see the possible ways we can affect the way the market is run here, showing the fact that it can be changed. While it was shown that more steps have to be made to combat climate change, the subsidies method Malawi employed has done much good for our enverment. The full look at the way business is trying to dominate the seed market in Mexico is a stark reminder that we are in a crisis of moral and financial values in the world of farming now. These companies are facing resistance and the fight against them does not be seeming to slow down.

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