Encarnacion’s Kitchen

The reading delves into the absence of accounts of Chicana women in the wake of the conquest of Southeast America. The perspectives of said women were lost due to Historians only taking into account the perspective of the male population. Encarnacion, a Chicana woman who lived through the conquest, wrote her cookbook in the wake of this occasion. The reading mainly covers her struggles as a minority woman in the male dominated culture of the time. She decided to write her cookbook in Spanish out of respect for the colonizers of the area, but this resulted in very few copies being produced. the cookbook mainly covers recipes of a traditional Mexican lineage with flairs of the new world thrown in, incorporating readily available ingredients of the area.

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  1. Check. That’s cool you are using the term “chicana.” The book doesn’t but there is an important politic to that word. Hopefully it will come up in class.

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