Encarnacion’s Kitchen

This week’s readings were excerpts from Encarnacion Pinedo’s cookbook which is Californias first and largest Spanish Language cookbook. The first excerpt was written by Victor Vale and is entitled “A Curse of Tea and Potatoes” in which he describes the life of Pinedo as well as the shared experiences of the Spanish community in California. Describing the hardships faced by the community and how Pinedo overcame these obstacles provided me with more understanding of the background behind the cookbook I went on to look at portions of. Looking at the recipes I noted how short they were and the format was different than what I am used to. Normally I would see a list of ingredients and then a numbered list of steps clearly outlines and explained. This was different, for example on one of the first pages the instructions say to make a dough out of two pounds of flour, half an ounce of salt, and an ounce of lard and to then let it rise but make sure it doesn’t get tough. No time is included and most recipes I have seen outline how to make the dough saying mix and knead among any other steps needed. I also found it interesting learning the background and how much you are able to learn through that because when I look up a recipe I normally get annoyed by the background from the one who posted the recipe but now I think I will have a newfound appreciation for this. 

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