Encarnations Kitchen

This cookbook was published in 1898 in San Francisco, California. It was the first and most extensive Spanish cookbook. Encarnacion Pinedo was a third generation Californio. Her cookbook is sociological document that gives a testimony of a lost culture. She used the recipes in her book to form a new identity for herself and recover some of her family’s former dignity. Her book is made up of recipes that are variations of Mexican themes and Spanish standards. Like stated before, her book is of recipes and identities. It gives readers an insight into how her family dined and reimagined peoples identities during a time of violent upheaval. Some of the ingredients listed gives people an insight into a culture that is disappearing. The combined ingredients allows historians to connect fragments of her life, individuality, and sense of feminine self-worth. When looking at the cookbook, the titles of the different recipes and prominently shown in Spanish then underneath, are translated into English. The recipes are all in English and the foods are all Mexican cuisines. The recipes vary greatly and it is a wide variety.

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