Farm City: Turkey

Farm city: turkey is an excerpt from the book Farm City which follows Novella Carpenter and her significant other Billy as they move to Oakland, CA. While in Oakland, they find a small apartment to live in. The town in Oakland is nicknamed Ghost Town due to the limited amount of people as well as it being a considered a food desert.  Behind the building is an open piece of land which doesn’t belong to Novella but with permission from the owner, she turns it into a community garden and a place to raise farm animals. She purchases turkeys, chickens, and ducks to raise for food. She also keeps bees to help pollinate the plant foods that she grows. She emphasizes the importance of eating food that she has grown and raised. She talks about how important it is to know where your food comes from.

While living in Oakland, she encounters many obstacles with farming and living in such an urban environment. She encounters many people who go and start taking her food that she is growing before she gives them permission; she encounters animals that attack her animals, and she is attacked by a group of kids.

A big theme in this reading is the importance of community. She lives in an area where everyone knows each other and is willing to help each other out. She has neighbors like Bobby and Lana who help her throughout when she needs it. Novella helps her community grow and become better reliant on healthy foods.

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