Farm City: Turkey

Farm City: Turkey follows the author, Novella Carpenter, and her boyfriend Bill as they move into an apartment on a dead-end street in a neighborhood of Oakland, California called Ghost Town. After seeing a large plot of land behind her new home, Novella began to transform the abandoned area into a place of life. She built a community garden in the empty lot and she also kept bees in order to help pollinate her crops. Novella also buys chickens, ducks, and turkeys to help raise food. The story makes note of the obstacles and difficulties that she faced with attempting to farm in an urban environment.

A major theme of the story is the focus on the community. Novella becomes close with many of her neighbors who help her throughout the account. In order for her community garden to work, the community has to come together and bond. Ghost Town is considered a food desert; however, Novella is opening doors and opportunities for her neighborhood by showing them how to become more self-reliant, improve their community, and eating healthier foods.

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