Farm City: Turkey

The Farm City: Turkey reading follows Novella Carpenter and her boyfriend Bill as they move to Oakland, California from Seattle, Washington. Bill and Novella eventually settle in a neighborhood nicknamed GhostTown. The town experiences many of the same attributes that a food desert does as mentioned in Black Food Geographies. It is due to this coupled with her previous experience with gardening that Novella decides to start a garden in the abandoned yard area behind her apartment. Her farm quickly grows and becomes a staple of the GhostTown community. Through her time in Oakland, she is able to make connections because of her garden. Many of her neighbors harvest some of the food from the garden for their own homes and they also eat the meat from the birds that she slaughters. The GhostTown Garden ends up binding the community and creating a deeper connection between those who live there and are willing to help one another out.

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