Farm City: Turkey

Farm city: Turkey is a part of a story form the book Farm City. The story follows two people who move into an apartment at the end of a dead end street in Oakland CA. This area they moved into was considered a food desert. Making it very hard for them to get food and healthy food. Luckily for them they got permission form the owner to make a community garden in the back of the apartment. Perviously they had experience having a garden and taking care of farm animals and such so they were able to buy animals such as chickens, duck, and turkeys. They even bought bees to help pollinate the flowers. The story goes on to talk about the struggles and challenges they had developing the garden. She was even attacked and her animals were also attacked by other animals. People would come and steal food without permission and other struggles such as those. The whole over arching theme of the excerpt was about community and bringing that community together. She goes on to get to know a number of her neighbors and really build the community.

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