Imperialism, cooking, and Encarnacion’s kitchen

The US stealing the American southwest from Mexico has cultural ripples that many people do not think about; Personally, I have not actually confronted this ever, somehow not thinking about the people who lived in California before US-Anglo settlers took over, outside of Native Americans. Victor Valle does great work contextualizing the world and culture within which Encarnacion Pinedo wrote her cookbooks. Pinedo’s books not only documented the traditional Latinx food of California and the southwest but also documents the life and times of a woman who was the victim of Imperialism; this can be seen in her use of her family name which brought respect in the newly Anglo world. Valle’s work on preserving Pinedo’s work preserves the history of cooking but also offers an interesting look at the world she lived in. Pinedo wrote her recipes in such a way that people both in the California area before imperialism and the colonizers would both be able to appreciate the food. We also get a slight look into the way publishing companies operated when it came to publishing bilingual books, that being what set helped set Pinedo apart; leading to preservation. On a side note, the enterprise ad at the start of the 2nd pdf was very interesting.

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