Intro To Food Studies

The reading starts off by explaining how food studies are inherently multidisciplinary because there are so many academic fields that are used when studying food. There is a need for sociological and anthropologic understandings of food as well as historical and economic. The chapter goes on to talk about how the culture surrounding food is crucial to a large part of our development as children. For example, the author discusses how when eating in a cafeteria is a “…place where assimilative food pressures and peer relationships collide” (2). It is at this developmental stage that children are often seen abandoning or altering previously established eating habits in exchange for those that are seen in the cafeteria. The article goes on to talk about how food can be used to study different social issues because it is one of the main biological driving forces. One such exploration was done when looking at the connection between food and masculinity (4). The chapter concludes by talking about the different methodological approaches that are required in food studies and how that adds to the inherent nature of it being a multidisciplinary field. Overall, I found this reading to be an eye-opening and necessary introduction to the field. I didn’t realize how many other skills that I have learned from taking classes in different subjects, like sociology, would benefit me when taking this course.

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