intro to food studies

While reading the introduction, I thought it was really important that they added how food studies are interdisciplinary. I wanted to take this class because I genuinely loved the nutrition class I took and wanted to learn more. I’m glad it said we’d touch on that a little and learn about so many other aspects. I am really excited to focus on some of the other things it talked about how food studies focus on food and human interaction like the politics of a school cafeteria at lunch and how celebrity chefs are an important tool in selling to us (the consumers). There is a Netflix show about how social media is free because they gain money through the app users and they target us individually. Today the Superbowl was on and many food companies pay a lot of money to get commercials during the Superbowl. I think that’s a really interesting interaction because as the intro said we just need food as human beings but when there’s money to be made it’s never that simple. I hope we dive into that more this semester.

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