Intro to Food Studies

It seems like the most important point that the article is trying to make is that “food studies” is a complex field of study. It seeks to analyze and explore the relationship between humans and the food that they eat. The complexity and interdisciplinary nature of food studies is a common feature of American studies as a whole – connecting different aspects of human culture and society together to help create a more complete picture of the subject matter. The article notes that “the need for food is our primary biological drive”. This underlines the massive role that food has played (and plays) in all of our lives and in the history of humanity as a species. Food is literally something that humans can not live without. That’s what I found most interesting about this reading – I had never really thought about how much the drive for food has shaped world history. The authors finish their article by going into the specifics of what studying food can entail, including research methods and an outline of the kind of reader that they had in mind when they wrote this article.

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