Intro to Food Studies Blog Post

This excerpt really reminded me of the impact that food has, and the many different ways that we experience food. From talking to my dad, I had an idea of the reach that food has across industries. However, this article truly expanded my view of the different disciplines of food studies beyond food preparation and agriculture. Because food is so important to our wellbeing, it is necessary to study food from many different angles- such as historical, psychological, and economical perspectives. I really liked the idea of charlas culinarias, or culinary chats. These discussions are food-focused and used to elicit conversations about food that can tell stories about migration and adaptation over time, among other topics. I think the concept of these chats is neat because they are very personal interviews, and the information elicited reflects that. Connecting over food to share stories really takes food studies back to its roots, and I think that’s cool.

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