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I found this reading very helpful in explaining what food studies is. Before this class and reading, I had only the faintest idea of what food studies or a foodway was but I think I am starting to understand it a little better. In the past, I have taken anthropology classes where food was studied as a part of a larger culture but it was never looked at by itself. As the article says, food is an extremely important part of human life and a lot can be learned about a person or a group of people by studying the way that they interact with food. For this reason, I am surprised that food studies is not something that has been given more academic attention. The article mentioned that food studies is a relatively new field for most universities and is still struggling to gain recognition in some academic circles. Another thing that I found very interesting, is just how broad and diverse research into food studies is. The author gave several examples of different types of research that went into food studies and some of the different disciplines it interacts with. Given how central food is to so much of human life, this level of diversity in our study of it seems necessary.

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