Intro to Food Studies Emma Monaghan

I have often related food more to the experience of dining more so than the actual food that we will be eating which is why I got a bit excited seeing the statement that food studies is not about the food but the relationship between food and human experience. As I had noted in my presentation I think this is partially due to the fact that there are not many traditional dishes that have been passed throughout my family and none of us are particularly outstanding cooks. This reading made me realize how many approaches there are to studying food, something we all see so simply as something so complex and able to be studied in so many ways. Signing up for this class I was thinking as a history major and thinking we would be looking purely at the history of food, such as where it came from and maybe a bit of the culture but after this reading, I have realized how much more it truly is. As I continued in this reading and the discussion of the Delmonico menu really caught my attention thinking about looking at a menu and studying not just browsing it as we do every day. Looking at the items listed, the descriptions if they are listed, the prices, the organization of the menu, what is highlighted with pictures or separated under different categories. The reading went on to discuss different approaches of study concerning the behavior of consumers which is very valid and necessary and will be essential in this course but breaking down to the basics looking at recipes and menus will provide us with an idea of these aspects. The lack of prominence of food studies in the academic world also stuck out to me as a future educator and I hope to maybe try to help this by exposing my students to food studies when trying to engage them with class material. Throughout this course, I look forward to using the methods we look at to be able to incorporate in my future research as well as my future as an educator.

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