Introduction to Food Studies

The assigned reading was very interesting and changed my whole view on this class and food in general. Before reading this, I was thought about food in a very shallow way. The article expanded my view, especially when the author brought up the statistic about food being a 4 trillion dollar industry making up 10% of the world’s GDP. Also, I liked how the author went on to explain how food is related to the human experience in depth. He went on to break down the experience into four different perspectives. The author presented the idea that “food can tell stories of migration, assimilation, and resistance.” I was able to relate to this idea because of some of the stories my grandma would tell me about some of the soul food growing up and the experiences and stories that came with the stories. This article allowed me to look at food in a different way and look at my experience with food from a different perspective.

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  1. This is a good start, but make sure that—in the future—you focus on summarizing and analyzing the reading and not self-reflection.

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