Mintz 2,3, and “National and Cuisine”

In Mintz Chapter 7, he discusses how the idea of food is often times what people think of first, meaning the experience that they have with it. In addition to that, he talks about how there are differing regional cuisines because of these experiences and regional differences in ingredients. These cuisines are in turn brought to various countries by chefs who have had training on how to cook these different foods while encompassing the experiences involved in eating it.

In Mintz Chapter 8, he talks about his belief that there is no such thing as “American cuisine.” He justifies this claim by saying that there is no group of humans who were originally from North America, that they all migrated from somewhere else, including Native Americans. He also explains the differing diets across the nation as being caused by the different diets of those people who originally settled in those specific areas. He also goes on to mention that many people who come to America are forced to give up their culture, including their cuisine, in order to become “American.” However, this often just leads to them incorporating aspects of their cuisine into the already established practices.

In Nation and Cuisine, it provides context and justification to Mintz’s point about how there is no such thing as “American cuisine.” Mintz was asked about foods such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and spaghetti. Mintz held fast in his assertion that there is no such thing as American cuisine because there are no clear long-standing cultural happenings behind those foods. He says “I do not see how a cuisine can exist unless there is a community of people who eat it, cook it, have opinions about it, and engage in dialogue about those opinions.” The article goes on to discuss and highlight this distinction by comparing it to other, legitimate, cuisines.

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