Mintz(2), Mintz(3), and National Cuisine

Mintz Chapter 7, talks about how different societies think of food differently. Here in the United States, we think of higher class people being the ones who eat the nicer foods such as chuck steak and filet mignon. But the chapter goes on to talk about how in parts of Africa it didn’t matter where you were from or really who you were people ate the same regardless of class. The chapter ends up going on and talking about China and how there has been an influx of food availability that the lower class people are starting to be able to eat the same food just with slight distinctions.

Mintz Chapter 8, talks about American and what is American cuisine. It’s said that it”s fairly unclear due to the geographies of the United States. He says that we don’t have a particular cuisine for many reasons. Some being that the US is just so big landmass wise and that we are a diverse nation and always have been since our founding. He also argues that there is no cuisine here because people immigrated here and brought their cultural food with them and that food has become engraved in our society.

National Cuisine is an article were the author mainly furthers Mintz point in that the United States has no cuisine. It is simply to big with to many different kinds of food and ways of making the food due to our diverse population. His main argument is that there is no long standing American culture behind the food. Even when it comes to Hamburgers, hotdogs and items such as those. He does although argue that American cuisine can exist but only in a narrow sense of the word.

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  1. You seem to have a good sense of the Mintz chapters but not Ray’s article on newspapers and the idea of American cuisine. Please review this article before class so that you are prepared for discussion. Check.

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