Taste of Place

I honestly did not know a pretty big portion of the terms and concepts that Amy Trubek discussed in Taste of Place which did not come as much of a shock to me personally because a lot of the classification of food and taste that we have discussed have been unfamiliar to me. Terms such as terroir and goat tu terroir are pretty far from my ordinary vocabulary but this book and class have really allowed me to expand my knowledge here. These terms refer to the taste of place, referring to wine and the taste that comes from the association between the wine grapes and where they are grown contributing to the aroma, sweetness, how smooth it is, and many other categories. This is something that has always gone over my head when discussing wine, I can understand discussing sweetness because that is the main concept I can understand and contribute to. Trubek goes on to discuss her time in Vermont and her observations of the food scene and agricultural distribution which spread throughout the New England region throughout the colonial period. In Vermont, the Vermont Fresh Network (VFN) contributes to the continued connection to this agrarian society by providing both consumers and farmers with connections to one another in order to remain connected to the land. This is a concept I feel like I can more understand when I begin to think about “farm to table” restaurants and initiatives which have been popular in the United States. I think that when I am looking from a removed position looking at France I could not see these connections but once I slowed down and looked at it from Vermont, a state on the same coast as me, I was able to insert my experiences more and further my relationship with these ideas that place and taste are always connected in your food, even in more industrialized situations.

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  1. I really appreciate the fact that you are discussing that a lot of these ideas and terms are new to you. That’s a-okay. That’s what college is all about!!!

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