The Taste of Place

This paper talks about the taste of food and how the environment and the physical geographies of the location where the food or drink is being made and its importance. This idea of terroir and gout de terroir. She talks about historical french cuisine cook books and how each region has its thing in terms of how agriculture is produced. She talks about region pacific wines within France and how the different climate and environments shape the different tastes.

The author also goes into the VFN. Which is a organization based in Vermont. They are a group that helps local farmers find and develop markets to encourage the community to eat local and fresh food rather than relying on everyday easy food. Lastly the author talks about Slow Food which is another organization in Italy who also promote how important the taste of the food is and how where the food is coming from makes a big difference as well as the historical and traditional values of how food and drink is made.

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