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This reading was interesting, yet dense. I found it very interesting that the author addresses the complexity of the word Terrior. The term is difficult to translate from French and is often up to discernment and is subjective. I liked how the author described terrior as a connection between taste and place/origin. The original use of the word unites taste and nature. Even though the word is originally French, the author goes further to say that terrior is a localized food specific to a specific area or region. With the growth of global markets and economies, local and regional food production has greatly decreased in the 21st century. This is also a side effect of tastes changing and evolving worldwide. I also found the common thread about class and society interesting in how people in history, but also now interact and are influenced by the food they have access to. The case study of the many companies and organizations in Vermont was interesting to see the author take the French word into the American context and address how food and products can be localized within the North American context.

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