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This was again another very interesting reading that explored the concept of taste with the places around us. The introduction, although broad, brought up some interesting points. It reminded of how globalized our world is becoming especially with food and foods that were regional specific before, you can now find around you. But taste is still very much tied to places and cultures no matter where they travel. Discussing “the taste of France” was interesting because I feel like a lot of the time it is seen as the basis for all fine dining and even the basic cooking skills. But seeing how it developed and seeing how it has become the pinnacle of cooking techniques it an interesting journey. The chapter on Vermont and the Fresh Food Network definitely drew me in because I love reading about anything farm related. Vermont has never been the place where large commercial agriculture would sprout up, besides large scale dairy farms. But with the addition of organic farming and truly making a push for it in Vermont, this became a major place for organic agriculture to thrive. The creating of the VFN allowed for these small farms to thrive and connect with the community in Vermont. However, the last chapter reminds us that the food system is ever globalizing and everything is becoming a brand or commercial staple and we ask ourselves how we handle that process?

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