Week Five

I enjoyed this week’s reading because I feel like it’s diving more into the specifics of how what we eat here in America came about. This reading about Pinedo was interesting to me because I felt like it showed how culture can influence what we cook and eat. But how outside influence can also have a huge impact on that as well. While reading about Pinedo, it was amazing how well versed she was in not just the foods of her own culture, but also the other cultures she encountered. It seemed as if her cookbook should have been successful, because it was not just for one group of people. She had recipes for meatballs, for example, in a style for every culture. While looking at the translation of the cookbook itself it, the recipes seemed easy and simple. But it looked quite different from cookbooks we would see today. There were a lot less measurements and would just assume you knew how to cook some things, and I think that is interesting to see in older cookbooks. Int he end, Pinedo shows how intersections of cultures can create new cuisine and affect how we eat even today.

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