week four blog post

Looking at all three readings it is plain to see how they all tied together on the question of if there is actually an “American cuisine”. All three readings took a different perspective on this topic. In the readings by Mintz it is explained that because of America’s cultural norms on food, there is no American cuisine. One of the main reasons for this proposed by Mintz was that cuisine was thought more of a regional cuisine rather than national. This makes it so that there is no “American cuisine”, but a more “southern cuisine”, “northern cuisine”, and so forth. This is due to the difference in the weather and the resources that are available in each reason. While in the reading on ads in the newspaper and articles it talks about the frequency of keywords like “restaurant” and “cuisine”, which confused me as to why this was a sure-fire way to show that Americans do have a cuisine.  Due to the nature of this reading, I have a lot more questions about this than definite answers. Looking at these readings it is clear to see for me that we really do not have an overarching “American cuisine”. There is for sure a regional cuisine in multiple places in America, but there is for sure no “American cuisine”. Although there are for sure some very “American” things like hotdogs, hamburgers, and McDonalds as a whole which are known worldwide as American classics.

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