What is Food Studies?

Blog Post 1 by Avianna Hoffman

Prior to this reading, one’s knowledge behind food studies might be quite limited. However, very early on in this article you, as the reader, realize that food studies is simply the umbrella term for a multi-field area of exploring. From the “beginning” of a food’s life to the consumption, there is a wide range of research and study of how one’s food is processed and consumed. This also applies to how one interacts with food or the meaning of food in one’s life. Considering we are all human, we all have different and unique ideas and associations with the food we eat (or don’t eat). We can also use history as a tool in this field, whether that’s following an evolution of a food or the historical importance of the first “printed” menu. With all this being said, we as human, understand that food allows us to feel motivated and generates the majority of our energy in one day. Though, what you, as the consumer, eats determines your overall emotions for the day depending on the type of food you eat or lean towards. Food is so diverse not only in the types of food but also in its preparation and range of consumers that enjoy it. Food is meant to bring people together in many different ways so by creating certain research methods we cast a wide net of data that details the enjoyment of said foods. Whether it be a five star restaurants, six course meal or simply your mom’s homemade mac n’ cheese, food is a universal concept of creating memories and enjoying the time we have together.

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