Course Goals

This discussion-based seminar looks at the ways in which foodways relates American society and culture and develops many of the skills that are central to interdisciplinary learning. These skills include the following American Studies (AMST) Learning Outcomes:

  • Integrate knowledge from several disciplinary perspectives.
  • Read and assess primary and secondary sources from a variety of genres and mediums.
  • Communicate evidence and analysis orally.

Because this course is speaking intensive (SI), it focuses on these additional skills:

  • Understand and be able to explain the conventions and expectations of oral communication as practiced within the discipline of the course taken.
  • Apply theories and strategies for crafting messages (verbal, nonverbal, and visual) for audiences and purposes.
  • Craft oral messages after a conscious process in which various options are reviewed and will be able to explain and support their choices.
  • Plan, research, organize, support, and deliver ideas and arguments in a public speaking setting.

Additionally, AMST 204 fulfills the digital intensive (DI) general education requirements:

  • Successfully locate and critically evaluate information using the Internet, library databases, and/or other digital tools.
  • Use digital tools to safely, ethically, and effectively produce and exchange information and ideas.
  • Creatively adapt to emerging and evolving technology.

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