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In this reading The author explores the idea of Encarnacion’s Kitchen being more than a simple cookbook. It’s a combination of recipes and identity, specifically from a female perspective. The cookbook gives It readers a look into what life was like for a young Hispanic woman living in America during the late 19th century. It talks about the violence and discrimination she and her family faced and the actions members of her family were forced to take in order to simply survive in a world where their very identity was seen as criminal or as a threat.  The reading also goes into detail about the hardships Pinedo faces as a young woman in the culinary world which at the time was a heavily male dominated field and still continues to be to this day. The cookbook contains a variety of different food traditions including those from Italian, Hispanic, and French cuisine. The cookbook itself takes a very different approach in writing compared to the cookbooks of today. Rather than a bullet point list of measurements the cookbook is written in paragraphs with about 3- 4 recipes a page. Overall the cookbook gives a very unique approach on culinary traditions and Pinedos personal journey in the culinary world. 

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